Diesel Injection Keurmerken

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Ultrasonic cleaning:

Our ultrasonic cleaning system produces an optimal cleaning to start our process in reconditioning.

This system removes all external and internal contaminates from fuel injector and fuel pumps, including even the cooling and fuel oil passages. This not only to prevents internal residues causing problems after reconditioning, but also offers tremendous benefits as far as inspections, measurement and machining are concerned. The result is an even greater improvement in reliability and a consequently saving in both time and money.

Fuel valve nozzles / spindles & guides

Reconditioning fuel nozzles/ spindles & guides, one of the most crucial parts in terms of fuel injection performance. Due to the nozzle sensitivity to wear, the potential for reconditioning as opposed to replacement is often underestimated, despite the far higher cost of latter.

Technicians at Diesel Injection Vliegenthart have developed and advanced re-seating system which results in the minimum cutting of costly base materials, whilst grinding the needle seat to the exact nominal angle required corresponding to the actual needle shaft.

This unique system works swiftly, producing a superior technical quality, minimizing rejection rates and stretching the life span of the fuel nozzles/ spindles & guides- all at a fraction of the cost of new replacement.

Plungers & barrels   

Reconditioning of fuel pump plungers and barrels is a cost effective way of dealing with the challenges often experienced in the present environment of frequent fuel switching and fuel quality issues and due to the reduced lubricity of the ultra-low sulphur fuels.

Technicians at Diesel Injection Vliegenthart have the possibility to inspect and measure very thoroughly. When wear and size exceed the limit our technicians are able to renew the worn out plungers, corrosion or other internal wear inside of barrel can be corrected by internal honing.

We are fully specialized in this technique and because of high quality of material and heat treatments we guarantee you optimal function and a life expectancy of 100% comparable with new.