Diesel Injection Keurmerken

Company Profile

Reconditioning of the heart of the diesel engine, the injection system, is the exclusive area of the Diesel Injection company.

The fuel injection system, consisting of the fuel injection pump and fuel injection valve, has to perform very accurately. Few seem to fully take into account the effects of extreme pressure, temperatures, frequently polluted fuel oil more often switching of fuel and reduced lubricity of the ultra-low sulphur fuels.

The Diesel Injection company is specialized in this sophistic field, where diesel technics, hydraulics and micro mechanics play an interactive role. In our modern workshop we recondition fuel injection equipment from 25 to 75000kw.

Our machinery, know-how and craftsmanship is fully adjusted to the demands of shipping, off shore and industrial fleet owners..

Our concept guarantees you reliability, cost control and fast service. Among our customers you will find many reputable ship owners, ship repair companies and industrial fleet owners.